Another Viewpoint, a haiku series

The Father and Lover
Love Me, respect Me
Fear Me, and trust my words or
There’ll be Hell to pay

Naked newborns
Vulnerable and thoughtless
Puppets in a cage

Humankind, part II
Always obey Him
Our blind “love” is salvation
Never ask questions

The Weeping Angel
You created us
Yet we are of lesser love
What have they given?

I Fall from Heaven
A single wing torn from me

The Fall
They say I rebelled
God’s favorite son went rabid
How much is truthful?

I was his equal
But I refused to submit
For that, I am Hell

Lilith, part II
Demoness mother
His men tried to erase me
And yet here I am

I had a free choice
They say I was tricked by her
So, she can take blame

Knowledge is power
You must never ask questions
That’s the woman’s place

The Serpent
My sin was truth
I never had to seduce Man
Free will is free will

The Paradox
If God knew it all
Then we never had a chance
We’re predetermined


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