entry: philocalist

Imagine you’re riding down a body of water on a quiet autumn day under the trees. The wind is blowing through your hair, and the golden rays of the setting sun are lulling you into a state of tranquility. You notice the little things around you that you never bothered to pay attention to before: the rustling of leaves; the soft murmur of the water trickling under you; every splinter of wood in the canoe your hand is grazing, and the atmosphere of peace is just enough to make you smile. These trivial things are everything a philocalist appreciates the most; they find pleasure in the simple things. A philocalist is simply a lover and appreciator of the simple things in life, or someone that is a lover of the beauty in all things.
To be a philocalist means you see beauty in absolutely everything around you, whether it be a scar on someone’s body, or the landscape of a mountain. They’re certainly what makes up most of the artist population.
Since most philocalists have a creative side to them, along with what they find beautiful, common occupations for them could be painters, drawers, photographers, and even musicians. For example, photographers are some of the most profound philocalists to ever be known. Everything around them is picture worthy, and at just the right angle, a picture can tell a thousand words. People like them are very important to humanity as a whole because even though there is a lot of ugliness in the world, they are still able to see and indulge in the world’s unique allure. They are more like our “saving grace”.
Since philocalists treasure the simpler, more beautiful things in life, their values are just as simple and sweet. They can range from being materialistic and finding their love for beauty in all things leather and diamonds, or they could be completely content with a cheap bag from a thrift shop; either way, both types of people would enjoy what they were given because it’s unique to them. The same thing can apply to money. They could either spend a lot of money on something they think is completely worth it, or not. It wouldn’t matter. Since a philocalist is a simple “lover of beauty”, money doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to having possession of something beautiful.
One thing philocalists are known to love the most is nature. They can’t get away from it. Since there are so many industrial buildings and machinery out in the world now, Mother Nature isn’t very much appreciated anymore because all anyone thinks about is the next update on their iPhone. While everything is handmade with electronics, nature’s trees and atmosphere is completely organic and natural. People in high positions of business eventually cut down whatever they can to make room for their company buildings, and that makes the appreciation all the greater. Seeing the state the world is in now would break any philocalist’s heart, but even then, they would find some way to find beauty in negative places.
To be a philocalist means you love the much stripped down nature of something, the bare essentials or too many essentials. They could love everything about someone, and they also know how to appreciate the little things. They won’t care about that pimple you have on your face, the dent left on a tree, or the bugs that are falling from the trees they’re looking at from the canoe they’re riding. All they are about is everything that makes something unique and in its own world. They’re the true saving grace of the human race.

Somewhere in this bitter heart of mine, I have my own philocalist. She shows up every now and then in different ways. In my words, in my moral views, and more often than not in my writing. She’s a little shy, but I think she’ll come out eventually.


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